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CTS Fanart Contest Winner Announcement by cosplayts

It's mid-February already, so here comes a bit of lineup as to what has been going on with your favorite cosplay series! :w00t:

First off, our fanart contest managed to round up so many submissions of exceedingly high standards and levels of enthusiasm to compete! Thank you so much to everyone who has participated and supported our contest in other ways!

Congratulations to :iconn-maulina: for winning the contest, and the runners-up as well! Thank you so much for :iconcosplay-gen::iconmiccostumes::iconmini-sys: for supporting us with the prizes!

Second in our lineup is Hellofest 8! We have all been swamped with preparations and aftermath for it, both the cosplaying cast of our series as well as director :iconbonnirambatan: who was appointed to sit among the judges in the cosplay competition. Check out pictures of our cast and crew in action over at… Sorry we can't really post the stuff on DA since they were just collected from friends, but hope you enjoy nonetheless! :D

Third and lastly, hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day!! :la: We are not really doing anything special in this occasion, but please do check out this very creative fanart from :iconxpandoraxfleurx:… -- It's paper children of Ayu and Agnesya, wonderfully cut and posed in front of a heart-shaped chocolate. Beautiful! :heart:

In any case, hope you've all had an awesome start of month just as we have! Stay tuned for more exciting updates from CTS soonest! :dance:
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February 13, 2012
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